CarOxygen Synthetic Chamois Cloth Super Absorption Drying Towel for Cars for Dry & Wet Cleaning ( Yellow, 66 X 43 cm).

Chamoise Cloth

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  • SUPER WATER ABSORPTION: When you clean your car, its super absorption function can quickly absorb water on the surface, remove nasty water marks and residues, make your car spotless, and restore the original beauty of the car.
  • WIDE RANGE OF PRACTICALITY: In addition to washing cars, its powerful absorption function can help you quickly dry hair after bathing your pet. Dust the household appliances, clean the kitchen, tableware, bathroom, windows, glass, mirrors, etc., and present a new appearance.
  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS: The latest chamois synthesis technology allows the ultra-fine and soft sponge material to slide over the paint surface of your car without leaving any marks or scratches. It can be used repeatedly and is 100% machine washable. For those who like to keep tidy, this is a very necessary cleaning tool.
  • EASY TO CARRY: After you use chamois, just throw it in the washing machine, spray it with a garden hose, or even wash it by hand to remove the accumulated dirt and grime, and store it in a plastic tube while keeping it moist. The cylindrical packaging has a hook design, suitable for all kinds of storage and travel use.
  • Large TOWELS: Size-66 X 43 cm, 1 Pc Set

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Ajay Gajjar
Best quality

Wery good items it’s best quality

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