CarOxygen - New Alloy Metal Flower Leaf Car Air Freshener Solar Rotating Dashboard Stylish Ornaments Aromatherapy Scent For Car Decoration & Air Freshener Perfume

Red-Leaf Car Perfume

  • Car Oxygen Leaf Flower DESIGN working on Solar Power with 360 Degree Rotation for Car Dashboard Air Freshener Perfume, with Organic Fragrance.
  • The Unique Features of this Product are Longer Performing, Improved Perfume Formula and can be used with many fragrances.
  • AROMATHERAPY - The offered Car Dashboard Air Freshener is based on the unique formula which proves great for high and low temperatures, guarantees stable level of the scent to the very end of the product.
  • Durable Rubber Base, High Temperature Resistance: Unlike other perfume, our perfume has strong high quality recycled bottom glue, Antiskid Fixed Soft Adhesive can fixed everywhere, even on rugged road. High temperature resistance.
  • Environmental Protection? Without batteries and without charging, solar energy can be used to rotate on its own, which is environmentally friendly and convenient.Small and practical, does not block the front line of sight,Effective decomposition of odor molecules, to purify the air.
  • Best For Gifts, Diwali Gifts, Birthday Gifts. etc..

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