Carall -Imperant The Dramatical Scent Superior Fragrance Car Air Freshner (Gel Based )-130 ml

Imperant Car Perfume

  • 100% genuine Japanese, Carall original product.
  • Non refillable.
  • Nicely fits almost every cup holder.
  • Not just for car use suitable for home office and room.
  • Last for at least 3 month.
  • Made in Japan 
  • Fragrance - White Musk , Platinum Shower
  • If you are particular about it, premium

    For those who do not want to compromise on fragrance and design. A higher-grade luxurious scent and luster. High-class fragrance specifications that express a rich and deep scent. A luxurious atmosphere using ultra-fine lame with a strong presence, and a sharp atmosphere that impresses with sophisticated transparency and brilliance by scraping off the color.

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