Car Solar car aromatherapy Car Perfume ( Design - Bullet moving )


Solar car aromatherapy ornaments

Main ingredients: plant essential oils

Shelf life: 5 years


Implementation standard: QB/T1858-2004

Period of use: Use before 2029/03/30


* Unscrew the essential oil cap and take out the dropper

* Use a dropper to drop the essential oil into the cotton wick ring

* Cover with decorative lid

* Install in a position that does not obstruct the driver's sight, and be careful to prevent essential oil from spilling


*Do not drink, avoid contact with skin, keep away from fire sources


*Do not drink, avoid contact with skin, keep away from fire sources

*Keep the mouth of the bottle upward, and it should be firmly attached when used in the car

* You can refill the perfume after it is used up. Do not overfill to avoid overflowing of the perfume.

* If you accidentally spill the perfume, please rinse it immediately with water and dry it with a damp cloth.

* Be careful not to install it near the air bag or in a position that obstructs the driver's view.

Main ingredients eco-friendly spice 

Capacity: 5ml

Implementation standard: QB/T1858

Usage period: 2029/03/30previous us


unscrewed the cover and remove the c

insert the cotton core and tighten the

peel except bottle double stick paper, t

perfume on the car suitable location

when installation, pay attention to preve

of perfume


not drinking, avoid contact with skin, away from

keep bottle up, the car should use solid paste

perfume can replenish ourselves after use, do now too full to avoid perfume overflow

if accidentally spilled perfume, please rinse immed reoccupy wet cloth to wipe dry

avoid installed in airbag position or hazardous to th line of sight


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