3r-093 - Car Blind Spot Mirror Rotation Adjustable Car Rear View Mirror Wide Angle Parking Auxiliary Mirror

3R-093 Mirror


  1. 1.All compatible vehicles: Universal fit all cars
  2. 2.Material: Durable ABS plastic and glass
  3. 3.Size:12 x 6 cm (Please check the size before purchase)
  4. 4.Designed by CarOxygen to increase visibility and improve driving safety


How to install these mirrors?

  1. 1). Clean the surface: To install these blind spot mirrors, we need to clean the surface of both exterior side mirrors of the vehicle with alcohol pads or a cotton ball slightly;
  2. 2). rip off paper cover: from the adhesive; Put the stand of mirror with dual-adhesive tape on the upper of outside mirror.
  3. 3). Fix the stand of mirror with two screws&fixing frame to be tighten at the outside mirror.
  4. 4). After controlled the angle to be fitting a body of mirror to a stand of mirror, fix perfectly by fixing screw of angle mirror.


1.After installation, do not wash your car within 24 hours to avoid damage to the viscous.

2.This item do not fit for motorcycle.

package listing: 1 * Rearview mirror

Product type: Interior Mirrors

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