AES Q8 Pro 100-100W/pair 3 inch blue quattro lens fog projector Tricolor 5500k & 3000k

Aes Q8

  • Key Features

    1) The use of fog lamp lens can increase the brightness and irradiation area by more than 300%.

  • 2) During the driving process in rainy and foggy weather the driver vision is clearer and safer.

  • 3) The Use of Fog lamp Lens Can Increase The Brightness A nd Irradiation area By more Than 300%.

  • 4) LED CHIP-Adopting Taiwan high temperature resistant LED chip , stable quality and high luminous flux .

  • 5) During The Driving Process In Rainy and Foggy Weather, The Driver's Vision is Clear And Safer.

  • 6) High Beam-The focus of high beam is accurate, and the brightness uniformly distributed.

  • 7) Low Beam-with straight cutoff shield and strong power led chip together to create a properly distributed and wide beam pattern. With a factory-installed clear lens, the cutoff line is extremely sharp, perfect beam pattern without blind zone and dark spots.

  • 8) Installation-Fits 3" led shroud, install in the headlight which is with enough space.

Customer Reviews

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Rahul S. Thakur Raghuvanshi
AES Q8 PRO fog light provided by Caroxygen

Thanks to Caroxygen, for suggesting and sending me this fog light, finally I have installed it in my Safari 2 days before and I'm happy with this fog light. I think in my city I'm the first who's using this fog light.

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